Suspect Apprehended in Pickles Drug Store Burglary Resulting in Officer Injury


Authorities have arrested 33-year-old Joshua Conrod of Moorehead, MS in connection with the break-in at Pickle’s Drug Store that occurred in March.

Conrod is said to have smashed the glass door of the establishment to gain entry. Kosciusko Police Department (KPD) officers responded quickly to the scene, encountering the burglar as he exited the store. The situation escalated when Conrod attempted to flee in his vehicle, ultimately striking and injuring KPD Captain Tommy Clark in the process.

Captain Clark is currently on medical leave as a result of the injuries sustained during the incident. Meanwhile, Joshua Conrod finds himself behind bars at the Leake County Correctional Facility, where he awaits further legal proceedings. His bond has been set at $860,000.