Vehicle Stolen and Sold for Scrap in Leake


On Saturday, May 28th, 2022 at approximately 8:47 a.m., Leake County Deputies were notified of a red Chevy C10 pickup truck that was stolen from Forest Grove Road and taken to Monarch Metal Recycling. Security footage from the scrap yard was reviewed and showed Perry Hall receiving money for the vehicle.

When Leake County Investigators spoke to Hall, he stated that he did not know who owned the vehicle. Hall also said that he contacted a friend of his that owns and operates a wrecker service about towing the vehicle to the scrap yard for him. Hall signed the receipt for scrapping the pickup and collected $276.00 for it.

Leake County Investigators also spoke with the individual who towed the pickup for Perry Hall. He stated that Hall asked him to tow a vehicle to the scrap yard for him. He said that he loaded the vehicle on his wrecker and took it to Monarch Metal Recycling. Hall then went inside and received money for the truck and paid him $60.00 for towing the vehicle for him. He also stated that he did not know that the vehicle did not belong to Hall.

Perry Hall was arrested and charged with Motor Vehicle Theft- Value over $1,000.00.

Perry Hall