Threat made against Leake County Schools


A threat against Leake County Schools by a student has been resolved, according to school officials.

Parents were notified in a letter from Leake County Schools Superintendent Yvette B. Young on Thursday morning that the school had received information of a school threat.

A release from Leake County Schools Superintendent Yvette B. Young stated “Two students in our district made verbal threats yesterday morning at approximately 7:12 am. Administrators, School Resource Officers, and local Law Enforcement were notified and reported to the campus.”

Following school system policy, authorities were notified and authorities were able to determine the school bus from which the phone call originated.

Leake County Sheriff Randy Atkinson stated, “Our School Resource Officers, with the help of city police, were able to track the student responsible down.”

“A 13-year old juvenile was taken into custody, the school is taking disciplinary actions. The juvenile prosecutor is looking into the situation and the incident is still under investigation on our end,” continued Sheriff Atkinson.

The incident is being dealt with internally by the Leake County School District. The Leake County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation is on-going.