Audio: Excitement is IN and ON the air this morning with B-MO!



B-MO in the MO’rning – There was no permission needed to request a “fly by” for the President of the Louisville – Winston County Airport Mike Forester, as he’ll be joining B-MO in the MO’rning this morning to talk about the Wings over Winston Airshow! “I have always had a passion for airshows, a chance to talk to the pilots and just take in the sights of the warbirds” said B-MO, having a chance to be a part of this with Mike is incredible! Mike will be discussing the incredible pilots, planes, the food and fun of this years event which takes place Saturday October 9th at the Louisville Winston County airport, with the FREE event taking place at 11am (gates open at 9:30) Tune in this morning and get over to for more info!

For more information on this huge event go to their website at

Mike was also our guest on the B Team Podcast and we invite you to hear the interview in it’s entirety there as well, visit the website for information, platform information and more. Click here to visit The B Team Podcast online.


Mike Forester interview part 1


Mike Forester interview part 2