Video: Major flood issues in Leake County

As the rain continues to pour, the Pearl River and Little Butcher Creek are causing issues for Leake County. Emergency Management Director Tommy Malone said it is possible residents will have to evacuate if the Pearl River reaches 27 feet.
“They just need to make sure if they evacuate to have plenty of their medications. If they have pets they need to go ahead and take care of those. Just be safe out there. Watch about trying to go into water and stuff like that,” said Malone.
Malone said its important people pay attention to road and bridge closures and warns anyone against driving on a flooded road.

“I wouldn’t say to try and cross anything more than two to three inches deep in a vehicle, especially in small cars. A couple of reason is that at a higher speed they could hydroplane and also a lot of those short circuits in cars will drown out,” said Malone.

Malone said if anyone experiences damages due to flooding, they should report it immediately.

“Just call 911 and report it up here. They’ll give us notification and we’ll try to check out everything. If they do have an emergency call and let us know where it is at so we can get the resources out there to them,” said Malone.