Shooting on Old Walnut Grove Road Leaves Partygoers Shaken


On May 19, 2024, Leake County Deputies responded to a distress call on Old Walnut Grove Rd. involving a vehicle that had been shot at and subsequently wrecked. The vehicle was discovered on the roadside with four bullet holes.

The driver reported that she and multiple passengers were leaving a party on Smith Rd. when they came under fire. The driver sped away from the gunfire, only to lose control and crash shortly after.

The vehicle targeted was the first in a group of multiple cars leaving the party. Other drivers in the trailing vehicles heard the gunshots and followed the wrecked car, with some stopping to assist and transporting those from the wrecked vehicle to a hospital in Neshoba County. One of the following vehicles also sustained bullet damage.

Fortunately, no major injuries were reported. Attendees of the party informed deputies that there were no problems at the event. The investigation is ongoing as authorities seek to understand the motive behind the shooting.