The Vaccination Report


1,477,880 vaccines have been administered in Mississippi with 1,778,125 distributed. 9236 people have been vaccinated from Attala, 9265 people from Leake, 9439 from Neshoba, and 8613 from Winston county. Vaccines have now been distributed in multiple venues around the state. Governor Reeves announced vaccination eligibility has now expanded to ages 16 and over. Vaccines will be distributed in multiple locations in our region this week including the Neshoba Coliseum.

***The Mississippi State Department of Health reported today that there have been 78 breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in the state. This is when a person who is fully vaccinated becomes ill with COVID-19. Of those 78 breakthrough cases, one individual died of COVID-19. To date, more than 635,000 Mississippians have been fully vaccinated, with 78 breakthrough cases recorded.