Clark sworn in as Neshoba County sheriff- VIDEO


It’s the beginning of an era in Neshoba County, as newly elected sheriff Eric Clark took the oath of office Monday, surrounded by family and supporters.

“From this point forward I get to implement some of the changes I want to do. Bring in some personnel, make some needed adjustments to make Neshoba County a safer place. Of course, that’s our goal,” said Sheriff Clark.

Clark said he hopes the people of Neshoba County will put their trust in him to lead a department that will make everyone proud.

“This is like choosing up a team. I’m getting to pick my own team and put my players where they need to be. After that I’m going to have to look really hard at our fleet. Our fleet is suffering right now. We’re depleted in a lot of areas and that’s a primary concern also,” said Clark.

On scene to congratulate the new sheriff was his predecessor and longtime friend, former sheriff, Tommy Waddell. Clark said there are many things about Sheriff Waddell’s career he will incorporate into his own.

“One thing I can say about Tommy is he treats everyone fairly. It’s a level playing field with him and he does a really good job with that. He’s been accessible. People are able to reach out and get the sheriff when they need him. I hope to be able to emulate that and have an open door policy for the public, myself,” said Clark.

Clark is a former sheriff’s deputy and law enforcement captain in the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

Waddell did not seek re-election.