Runoff preview: Neshoba County District 4 Supervisor-VIDEO


Neshoba County voters have a few runoffs on Tuesday’s ballot, including District 4 Supervisor. Two republican candidates are going head to head for the position.

Nearly 100 votes separated incumbent and President of the Board of Supervisors Allen White and opponent Kevin Wilcher in the August primary. White received a total of 367 votes.

“I’ve got a history in construction management, which means you manage jobs, you manage personnel, you manage pay roll, and you manage cost analysis. I think that’s a very important factor of being a supervisor. You have to have those components combined to be a good stewardess of the community’s money,” said White.

White was elected Board President, earlier this year. He said it’s been an honor to represent the community, something he hopes to continue doing.

“Being president is a very valuable component of serving in District 4. We haven’t had anybody serve as President of the Board since 1999. I feel very blessed that my peers placed me in that position,” said White.

Wilcher received 479 votes in the August primary. He said if elected he wants to see the county grow.

“I want to see economic growth in the county and when I speak about economic growth, I’m not talking lightly. I want to see it flourish in the county. We’re in a good location. We just need to make it better,” said Wilcher.

Wilcher said he has bright ideas for District 4’s future.

“We need to think outside the box instead of the box we’ve been in for all these years. We need somebody new in there who is willing to push, work and do whatever we have to for Neshoba County,” said Wilcher.

Both candidates encourage voters to get out and vote in Tuesday’s runoff.