911 Calls: Drug Dealers Using CB Radios in Leake County


CARTHAGE, Miss.–In the late hours Saturday or early hours Sunday near Edinburgh police were looking for drug dealers reported to be using CB radios to conduct their activities.

According to scanner traffic calls came in to the Leake County dispatchers around 9:40 p.m. Saturday about drug dealers using trucks and “high powered radios” on or near Mars Hill Rd., to deal drugs and operate drug labs.

Several communications between then and midnight indicated at least two other calls came in about drug dealers in the area, and a law enforcement radio call indicated they were actively looking for such activity.

Drag Racing

Friday in Carthage police were dealing with two drag racers about 6:20 p.m. Two Camaros were heading toward the city limits from Hwy. 25, having turned onto 35, headed south.

One officer saw both cars about to enter the city limits and radioed other cars. They were finally pulled over once one of them turned onto Hwy. 16 west. Scanner traffic indicated one of the drivers got a ticket.


All of the afore mentioned information comes from police radio activity and has not been verified with police.