Aggravated Drug Trafficking and Other Drug Arrests in Neshoba


RHONDA JOHNSON, 61, of Philadelphia, Felony Bad Check, Bad Check, NCSO.  Bond $2,500, $800.


BRUCE D MOORE, 50, of Philadelphia, Public Drunk, Public Profanity, Disorderly Conduct, NCSO.  Bond $600, $600, $600.


CHELESA M RAY, 28, of Philadelphia, Domestic Violence – Disturbance of Family, NCSO.  Bond $800.


JASON REED, 39, of Philadelphia, Contempt of Court, NCSO.  Bond $2,845.


BARBARA GAIL SMITH, 37, of Union, Contempt of Court X 2, NCSO.  Bond $0 X 2.


JERMIE A TANK, 45, of Colbert, GA, Aggravated Trafficking of a Controlled Substance, Sale of a Controlled Substance, Hold for Investigations, NCSO.  Bond DENIED, DENIED, DENIED.


JAMYA TIANA TOWNSEND, 23, of Forest, DUI – Other Substance, MHP.  Bond $1,500.


ENGLISH TURNER, 67, of Meridian, DUI – 1st, NCSO.  Bond $1,500.


KAILA WHITLING, 25, of Philadelphia, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, NCSO.  Bond DENIED, $600.