Burglary and Felony Possession Arrests in Leake and Attala


CLARENCE READUS, 63, of Carthage, Hold – Detainer for MDOC, CPD.  Bond N/A.


TYRE RILEY, 38, of Sallis, Bench Warrant, ACSO.  Bond $0.


RICKY SESSUMS, 57, of Good Hope, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, LCSO.  Bond $20,000, $1,000.


JAKAINE TATE, 18, of Kosciusko, Reckless Driving, No Driver’s License, KPD.  Bond $400, $1,000.


JENNIFER TREST, 41, of Lena, Burglary – B&E of a Dwelling, Hold for Other Agency, LCSO.  Bond N/A, N/A.


JOHN F TRIBETT, 31, of Carthage, Warrant, Bench Warrant, Hold for Other Agency, Shoplifting, CPD.  Bond $30,000, $1,569, N/A, $1,000.


VALERIE F WESTBROOK, 42, of Kosciusko, Disorderly Conduct – Failure to Comply with LEO, No Insurance, KPD.  Bond $544.25, $400.


JAXON B WILKINSON, 22, of Philadelphia,  DUI – 1st, Revoked or Suspended Driver’s License, ACSO.  Bond $1,000, $1,000.


CAVONTAE D YORK, 19, of Carthage, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance in a Public Place, Possession of Paraphernalia, Hold for Other Agency, CPD.  Bond $399.25, $674, N/A.


ELIZA A YORK, 24, of Walnut Grove, Resisting Arrest, Shoplifting, CPD.  Bond $649.25, $909.25.