Drugs, DUIs, and Animal Cruelty in Neshoba Arrests


JOHN ROBERT ANDERSON, 36, of Conehatta, DUI – 1st, Hold for Investigations.  Bond $3,000, $0.


JESSICA TONIELLE ANDRE, 40, of Philadelphia, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, NCSO.  Bond $7,500.


DAKOTA BELL, 33, of Philadelphia, DUI – 1st, NCSO.  Bond $1,500.


AJ BOLER, 38, of Philadelphia, Animal Cruelty, NCSO.  Bond  $600.


LAKITIA CHICKAWAY, 26, of Choctaw, Public Drunk, NCSO.  Bond $600.


DEMARIO DARNELL CULBERSON, 38, of Noxapater, Indictment, NCSO.  Bond $0.


RICHARD CHAD CUMBERLAND, 34, of Philadelphia, Felony Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, Hold for Investigations, NCSO.  Bond $5,000, $0.


JACQUELINE KAYE DICKERSON, 35, of Louisville, Felony Indictment, NCSO.  Bond $25,000.