DUIs and Domestic Violence Arrests in Leake and Attala


DEJUAN M MEREDITH, 21, of Kosciusko, Domestic Violence – Simple Assault, KPD.  Bond $3,300.


VEROINICA MEREDITH, 39, of Kosciusko, Domestic Violence – Aggravated Assault, KPD.  Bond $5,000.


JOEY R SIMMONS, 43, of Kosciusko, Contempt of Court – Attala Justice Court, ACSO.  Bond $0.


STEVEN T STEVE, 36, of Philadelphia, DUI – 2nd, Revoked or Suspended License, No Insurance, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $628, $418.


JAYSHAWN T STOKES, 26, of Gulfport, Felony Fleeing or Eluding, Felony Hold for Another County, KPD.  Bond N/A, N/A.


BRODY R THOMAS, 33, of Carthage, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of Marijuana, Speeding, CPD.  Bond $20,000, $1,348.50, $674.25, $238.


CHRISTOPHER M THOMAS, 27, of Kosciusko, Simple Assault – Attempt by Physical Menace to Create Fear, KPD.  Bond $3,100.


TYRESE M TIMS, 20, of Carthage, Bench Warrant – Carthage Municipal Court, CPD.  Bond N/A.


JAMES R TOWNSEND, 38, Felony DUI, No Driver’s License, Seatbelt Violation, Bench Warrant – Carthage Municipal Court, CPD.  Bond $10,000, $418, $52, $0.


RAYVYN M WAGNER, 21, of Louisville, DUI – 1st, Possession of Marijuana, LCSO.  Bond $1,000, $1,000.


JAMES WILDER, 37, of Effingham, IL, Felony Indictment, Hold – Detainer for CPD, LCSO.  Bond $30,000.