More DUIs and Dope in Neshoba Arrests


JOHN MICHAEL GOINS III, 40, of Brookwood, AL, Hold for Other Agency, NCSO.  Bond $0.


SHAWN GRIFFIN, 43, of Carthage, DUI – 1st, No Insurance, Careless Driving, No Driver’s License, NCSO.  Bond $1,500, $800, $400, $300.


VERTISA LORENE LEWIS, 36, of Conehatta, Felony DUI, Contempt of Court, Careless Driving, No Driver’s License, No Insurance, NCSO.  Bond $5,000, $0, $400, $300, $800.


ASHLEY MILES, 36, of Philadelphia, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance, Hold for Investigations, NCSO.  Bond $15,000, $0.


LONNIE MOORE, 59, of Philadelphia, Felony DUI, NCSO.  Bond $5,000.


SCOTTIE NEYMAN, 28, of Lena, DUI – 1st.  Bond $1,500.


EALDEN D ROGERS, 58, of Philadelphia, DUI – 1st, NCSO.  Bond $1,500.


KENT TIDWELL, 68, of Philadelphia, Felony Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, Contempt of Court, Failure to Appear, NCSO.  Bond $0, $0, $0.


CURTIS WILL TISDALE, 32, of Philadelphia, Contempt of Court, NCSO.  Bond $0.


CARLA R WHITE, 43, of Philadelphia, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Felony Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, NCSO.  Bond $0, $0.


DANNY RAY WILKINS, 38, of Philadelphia, False Pretense, NCSO.  Bond $600.