Multiple DUI and Disorderly Charges in Leake and Attala Arrests


IESHIA L MCGEE, 24, of Walnut Grove, Public Drunk, Possession of Paraphernalia, LCSO.  Bond $500, $1,000.


GARRET A NEAL, 19, of Madison, DUI – Test Refusal, Failure to Give Signal, LCSO.  Bond $1,000, $500.


JAMES E NORRIS, 38, of Carthage, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbance in Public Place, Profanity in Public Place, CPD.  Bond $339.25, $239.25.


APOLINARIO L RAMIREZ-AGUSTIN, 28, of Carthage, DUI – 1st, No License, No Insurance, Open Container, CPD.  Bond $1,331, $418, $418, $389.25.


HOPE D ROBERTS, 27, of Brandon, Felony Hold for Drug Court, Hold for Other Agency, LCSO.  Bond N/A, N/A.


CASEY D RUSSELL, 34, Bench Warrant X 2, LCSO.  Bond N/A X 2.


ADRIAN L SHARKEY, 29, Warrant, KPD.  Bond $2,561.75.


CLAUDE D SIMMONS, 68, of Sallis, Felony DUI, Reckless Driving, No License, LCSO.  Bond N/A, $500, $500.


ALFREDO TEMAJ, 39, of Carthage, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbing the Peace, Willful or Malicious Trespass, CPD.  Bond $399.25, $389.25.


DAVID L USRY, 41, of Carthage, Bench Warrant, Bond Surrender, LCSO.  Bond $0, N/A.