Your Entergy Bill Is About to Go Up

CARTHAGE, Miss.--If you're on Entergy for lights, your bill is about to go up. Beginning in October a rate increase approves by the Mississippi Public Service Commission goes into effect. For the average residential customer, a bill will go up about $2.15 per month. Entergy requested the increase to help them offset costs incurred by ad valorem taxes they pay in each county. State law allows them to request rate increases to help pay those taxes.  

Why Gas Prices Could Be Cheaper

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Mississippi has some cheap gas prices compared to the national average, but it could be cheaper, and the culprit is something that's been gone for two weeks. "Hurricane Ida is still resulting in the shutdown of millions of barrels of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico," said Patrick DeHaan with "Maybe not millions at this point, but about 50 percent of offshore oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is offline." Mississippi's average is $2.78 per gallon, compared... Read More.

It’s Still With Us: Nicholas Brings More Rain

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--It's not heavy rain or flooding, but Nicholas, now a tropical depression, is still bringing rain to central Mississippi. It's expected to stick around, at least through Thursday. "Nicholas is gonna make a real slow eastward track," said forecaster Eric Carpenter, with the National Weather Service. The storm has caused flooding in Texas and Louisiana and even in south Mississippi. But, the main body of it is staying far enough south to keep the rain lighter here. "It'll continue to weaken... Read More.

Coronavirus Kills More People in Central Miss.; An Option For the Exposed

CARTHAGE, Miss.--Coronavirus has killed more people in central Mississippi. But, doctors with the Miss. State Medical Assoc., believe that a treatment that has helped many people who have gotten the virus could help you if you're pregnant, even if you've just been exposed. "If you've been exposed you can get the monocolonal antibody treatment, as well to protect you from developing the disease," said Dr. Rachel Morris, an OBGYN, at the University of Mississippi Medical center, in a medical association... Read More.

COVID Cases Slow Down, So Do Hospital Numbers

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--Of the 71 deaths reported over the weekend from coronavirus in the state, three were in central Mississippi: One in Holmes County, one person in Scott County and one person in Winston County. For the weekend, 3,763 cases were reported in the state. The numbers are going down and so is the number of people in the hospital. But, the ICUs are still full, say doctors with the Mississippi Medical Association. Pregnant women are still some of the most vulnerable... Read More.

The Threat From Nicholas Is Minimal

CARTHAGE, Miss.--The threat from Hurricane Nicholas in central Mississippi is minimal. It came ashore in Texas, and is moving slowly eastward. But, once it reaches the central part of the state, it's not expected to bring anything except rain. "For central Mississippi not quite as much now," said forecaster Eric Carpenter with the National Weather Service. "The trends have been where it looks like the heavy rain threat is gonna be mainly to the south of us, mainly toward the... Read More.