Aggravated Assault, Statutory Rape, Receiving Stolen Property, and Felony Malicious Mischief Arrests in Attala and Leake


JOSHUA T ALFORD, 25, of Carthage, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Paraphernalia, LCSO.  Bond N/A, $1,000.


JAMARQUEZ A CLAY, 23, of Carthage, Statutory Rape, Bench Warrant – Carthage Municipal Court, CPD.  Bond N/A, $0.


DACHA M FLEMING, 29, of Sebastopol, Domestic Violence – Aggravated Assault, Felony Malicious Mischief, Profanity in a Public Place, Disorderly Conduct – Disturbing the Peace, CPD.  Bond $25,000, $5,000, $239.25, $399.25.


TRAVIS A JAMES, 22, of Carthage, Felony Indictment, LCSO.  Bond N/A.


ANNA MAJURE, 46, of Philadelphia, Felony Forgery – Uttering Counterfeit Instrument or Coin, ACSO.  Bond $10,000.


MARGARET K NABORS, 25, of Philadelphia, Contempt of Court – Kosciusko Municipal Court, Bench Warrant – Leake County Justice Court, KPD.  Bond $0, N/A.


DANNA RICKS, 60, of Carthage, Littering, Careless Driving, Disorderly Conduct – Failure to Comply with LEO, LCSO.  Bond $500, $500, $500.


LC SHEPARD, 72, of Lena, Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon, Revoked or Suspended Driver’s License, Improper Equipment, CPD.  Bond N/A, $478, $218.


JAIDEN D TRIPLETT, 20, of Carthage, Felony Receiving Stolen Property, Felony Fleeing or Eluding a LEO in a Motor Vehicle – Reckless or Willful Disregard for Safety, KPD.  Bond $50,000, $25,000.