Neshoba County Fair welcomes Attorney General candidates

Supporters packed into the Neshoba County Fair pavilion to hear candidates for Attorney General. Andy Taggart, Lynn Fitch, Mark Baker and Jennifer Collins spoke about the importance of the office.

Taggart has practiced law for more than 30 years and worked with governors Haley Barbour and Phil Bryant. Taggart said the Office of Attorney General carries a great responsibility.

“”I’ve been crisscrossing this state for the last five months, but I believe the Office of Attorney General is the hardest job in state government and we need to be very particular who we elect to fill that office,” said Taggart.

Lynn Fitch is the 34th State Treasurer of Mississippi. She said it’s incredibly humbling to serve your state, in any capacity.

“This is a very complex office. It’s not just one thing. It’s about how we work together. What do we do when we see the challenges? How do we create the solutions for the people in the state of Mississippi? That will be my job,” said Fitch.

Mark Baker has served in the House of Representatives since 2004. He says he wants to get the Office of Attorney General back to fighting crime.

“I think if people are looking for a direction of this office of somebody who is going to be tough on crime, who is going to work with law enforcement, I think they’ll look at me very seriously as Attorney General,” said Baker.

Jennifer Riley Collins is a 32 year military veteran. Collins said Mississippi has made obvious strides, but she wants to keep the state moving forward.

“I’m very dedicated to be the Attorney General for all Mississippians not just a segment of Mississippians, so that all Mississippians thrive, not just survive,” said Collins.

Democratic candidate for governor, Jim Hood has held the Attorney General’s post since 2003.