A pair of Suspicious People in Neshoba

  Sunday, 7/3/22   3:35 a.m. - Neshoba Deputies were called about a suspicious person with what appeared to be carrying luggage on the road just past Pendelton Square Apartments. 4:41 a.m. - Philadelphia Police responded to the Western Motel on Holland Avenue for a suspicious person trying... Read More.

Burglar Alarms and a Breathalyzer in Neshoba

  Saturday, 7/3/22 6:00 a.m. - Philadelphia Police were called to Hillcrest Apartments on Church Street for a loud music complaint. 6:01 a.m. - Neshoba Deputies were asked to bring a portable breathalyzer to the Silver Star Casino for possible underage drinking. 9:43 a.m. - Philadelphia Police responded... Read More.

Alarms and A Neighbor Annoyed by Shots Being Fired in Neshoba

    Thursday, 6/30/22   12:35 a.m. - Philadelphia Police were called about a suspicious person walking through people's yards on Martin Luther King Drive. 1:03 a.m. - Neshoba Deputies responded to an alarm activation at a residence on Road 383. 11:58 a.m. - Neshoba Deputies were sent to Road... Read More.

A Runaway, Drugs and a Prowler in Neshoba

  Wednesday, 6/29/22   2:22 a.m. - Neshoba Deputies were called to a residence on Road 1357 for a report of a runaway 14-year-old female. A BOLO was issued for the child, but she returned on her own around 7:23 a.m. 7:54 a.m. - Choctaw Police requested Neshoba... Read More.

Accidents and Shots Fired in Neshoba

  Tuesday, 6/29/22 1:22 a.m. - Philadelphia Police were called to Christine Street for a report of shots fired by a subject that was on foot in the area. 6:09 p.m. - Neshoba Deputies responded to a cow in the road on Road 729 near Road 727. 6:54... Read More.