The Circus is Coming!

B-MO in the MO'rning - "The circus is coming, the circus is coming!" As a child the images of high flying acrobats, elephants and high wire acts come to mind and that truly old fashioned sense of thrills and excitement is what you'll find this week as Zerbini Family Circus makes it Mississippi swing. This old fashioned circus begins... Read More.

Audio: Excitement is IN and ON the air this morning with B-MO!

  B-MO in the MO'rning - There was no permission needed to request a "fly by" for the President of the Louisville - Winston County Airport Mike Forester, as he'll be joining B-MO in the MO'rning this morning to talk about the Wings over Winston Airshow! "I have always had a passion for airshows, a chance to talk to the pilots and just take in the sights of the warbirds" said... Read More.

Baptist Leake is looking for a few who can help a “Little Mo”!

B-MO in the MO'rning - Michelle McCann joined "B-MO" this morning to talk about the upcoming blood drive that will be taking place this Friday at Baptist Leake to benefit little Mary "MO" Mosley Pickering. Mary was diagnosed with leukemia in August and is the granddaughter of the hospital's Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.  Mary's family is from Philadelphia and tied to Mars, Mars and Chalmers... Read More.

East Central Mississippi Health Care Executive Director Jill Bishop Discusses Physical and Mental Health

B-MO in the MO'rning - Recently Executive Director for East Central Mississippi Health Care Services Jill Bishop sat down with Brian "B-MO" Montgomery to discuss some of the services available, not only with health care but dental and mental as well. The month of September is Recovery and Self Awareness Month with regards to addiction and general mental health. Mrs. Bishop discussed how dedicated the staff at East... Read More.

Updated Closures Due to Tropical Storm Ida

BMO in the MO'rning - As expected Tropical Storm Ida would not only effect our weather here in Central Mississippi but cause havoc with schools, county offices and clinics. As of this moment here is an updated list of closures and additional information: CLOSURES: All public schools in Attala, Neshoba, Leake and Winston County Choctaw Non-essential government offices and schools Mid MS Regional Public Libraries Philadelphia City Hall Leake County Circuit Court  (if you were scheduled for jury duty, please call 601-267-8357 for further instructions... Read More.

Leake County Sheriff Randy Atkinson Has A Message For Residents!

BMO in the MOrning - Leake County Sheriff Randy Atkinson has a message for local residents and its a clear and simple one, "keep the roads clear as the road conditions worsen tomorrow." After a meeting with county officials, a plan is in place to keep the roads clear and to respond to those in need, however this plan depends on the public's willingness to do their part and assist in making this plan work. Sherriff Atkinson also announced that... Read More.